Use This Secret Weapon For Make Offers That Get Accepted

When it comes to making offers on properties, one crucial item you will need is a proof of funds letter. In some cases private sellers ask for a proof of funds letter, but it will always be required when making offers on bank owned properties. The purpose of a proof of funds letter is to

Avoid These 5 Profit Dropping Mistakes And Cash Your Next Check Now!

Real estate investing can without a doubt be a profitable business. It’s a proven fact. If you’re not careful, though, you can end up making mistakes along the way that could really hurt and possibly doom your business from the start. Let’s review the most common mistakes new investors make and how to avoid them:

Magic Formula For Calculating Offers

One of the most important factors in making an offer is being confident in the offer you are making. Knowing how much leeway you have, how much profit you can anticipate to make and knowing if this is even a property worth making an offer on will give you the confidence you need.   Remember,

Investing In Vacant Houses

Hidden Goldmines of Real Estate Profit Over most of my investing career I’ve focused on investing in vacant houses. These are properties that have no “For Sale” sign on them but are vacant. These types of properties have been an integral part of my business. Why? Well, these types of properties have no “For Sale”

Different Funding Options For Real Estate Investors

Need Funding For Your Next Real Estate Transaction? Knowing Your Options Is The First Step…   As a rule of thumb, unless you’re purchasing a property from a private seller and flipping it to a cash buyer, you’re going to need a solid funding source to do your deals.   There are several different funding