Cameron Dunlap began his investing career back in 1993. His very first deal was a rehab project and he walked away with $12,000 in his pocket. Although it took nearly 16 weeks to complete, he’s never looked back and continues to invest in real estate today. He knew from that experience that this would be his passion.

After only a few years in the business, Cameron Dunlap had done more deals than most people do in a lifetime. He had amassed millions and soon people were asking him for advice on how he was doing it. He was invited on stage by one his close mentors to share his story and his experience with a few students. His down-to-earth personality and get things done attitude resonated with the audience and soon he realized how much of an impact he had on people.

Cameron Dunlap Real Estate Investor

Image Description In 1995, he started speaking and teaching individuals how to properly invest in real estate. To this day, Cameron Dunlap speaks to real estate investors and clubs across the country. As an active real estate investor, Cameron understands the challenges his students face on a daily basis. The real estate market changes every day, so Cam is constantly finding ways to overcome the challenges most investors have.

One of those challenges was finding properties. This can be very time consuming. He developed a system that attracts, manages and trains bird dogs to find the right kinds of properties so that investors can focus their time of other real estate related activities. Soon after, he also came out with a funding program that allows students to use his money for quick flips all because it’s become so hard to get a loan.

Another amazing tool that Cameron Dunlap has created is a cash buyer system. Each month this system compiles a list of all the cash buyers throughout the nation who have bought a property with CASH. This is an amazing data feed because it allows investors to seek out cash buyers for their real estate deals. He also has a private lender data feed that does basically the same thing but with private lenders nationwide.

Cameron Dunlap is also very passionate about making sure everyone has all the tools and resources they need to become smart investors. Every 2 weeks, he meets with some of his students in an inner circle where they discuss everything real estate. What’s happening, what’s new, specific strategies, specific deals. Questions? No problem. You can submit your questions and he’ll answer them during the call. It’s a great way to get to know Cameron and what he’s all about.

Cameron holds real estate events regularly each year. If you’d like to come to one of his events you can visit Time With Cam which will give you an update on when and where the next event is.